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GM Prof - disinfection services

By implementing professional team and modern equipment, we professionally carry out preventive disinfection measures (as well as disinsection and deratization) in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Disinfection is not only the fight against bacteria and viruses, but also a set of special measures aimed at the elimination of infectious carriers in a broad sense - insects and household parasites (disinsection) and rodents (deratization). There are preventive, current and final types of disinfection. Preventive disinfection is carried out regularly, regardless of the presence or absence of infectious diseases, aimed at preventing their emergence and spread.

Why you need disinfection?

  • The risk of infection to viruses and bacteria goes close to zero
  • Pests, rodents and reptiles no longer bother you
  • Customers of the commercial entity feel safe
  • You comply with the requirements of official bodies



Our main goal is to ensure your safety.

Why to conduct prophylactic disinfection?

Disinfection ( lat. Inficere - infection) - is a combination of methods and means used to destroy the source of infection that infects a healthy organism.

The appropriate method that suits the problem is used.

Disinfection and disinsection are part of the anti-epidemic work, focusing on the ways and factors of infection, and deratization is aimed at eliminating the source of infection.

The goal is to ensure security.

The main purpose of the service is to neutralize the main objects that spread the infection (water, food, household items, etc.).

Repeated anti-epidemic measures are always important.

Periodic preventive disinfection, disinsection and deratization measures to protect against infectious diseases and their causative agents, as well as compliance with personal and general hygiene requirements, significantly reduce the risk of infection, and in some cases eliminate down to zero.

Quality disinfectants

Great professionalism is possible only with quality products.

100% safe

We use drugs approved by the World Health Organization.

Import countries

We use equipment and substances manufactured in Turkey , Germany, South Korea and Russia that meet the mandatory requirements of sanitary norms and regulations, hygiene standards.

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