About us

GM Prof is a company that provides professional disinfection, disinsection and deratization services.

About Us

Professional service

GM Prof LLC - officially registered in 2020. Our company provides professional disinfection, disinsection and deratization services.

By implementing professional team and modern equipment, we professionally carry out preventive disinfection measures (as well as disinsection and deratization) in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Our mission

Improve life safety by performing disinfection work perfectly.

Our strategy

Use only international and quality products in our work.


We perform the following services professionally:


A set of measures taken against the spread of viruses and bacteria


A set of measures taken against pests


A set of measures taken against mice and rats

Equipments and solutions

We use equipment and substances manufactured in Turkey , Germany, South Korea and Russia that meet the mandatory requirements of sanitary norms and regulations, hygiene standards.

We use only products with an official quality certificate.

Our license!

We have the required license for our activity.

  • In 2020, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued a license for mobile medical activities and medical prophylactic medical services (disinfection, disinsection and deratization) (INIL-252/2020/1 - July 17, 2020).

Price policy

The service fee is determined individually depending on the relevant facility. The service fee is affected by the open or closed type of facility, sanitary-epidemiological condition, infection rate, repair condition, area, distance to the facility, types of equipment and drugs used during the service, type and method of service, as well as additional services. According to the order, our specialists visit the facility and the final price is determined after a free inspection.


Unlike other disinfection companies, "Gigiyena Mekani" LLC guarantees all its services. Before and after treatment, the area should be cleaned in accordance with our recommendations. The effectiveness of the service will be longer if all our recommendations on compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements are followed, as well as if there is no source of pests in the vicinity. If all our recommendations are followed by the client, but there are new problems in the area we serve, re-treatment is free of charge.

Areas we serve


Private apartments and villas
Hotels, restaurants and cafes
Production facilities
Plants, factories, manufacture centers, etc.
Commercial entities
Office, shopping center, shop, warehouse, etc.
Educational institutions
School, kindergarten, course, etc.
Open areas